Medical update: John faces enforced stay in Australia for treatments and recovery

Following further tests in the St. Kilda Alfred Hospital in Melbourne, doctors have now found that both of John’s lungs were perforated in the Phillip Island crash and he has lost around 40% of their function at present. He has been told this will heal naturally but it will take some weeks to regain their performance.

He can exercise gently to help their healing and has a further appointment in two weeks to check progress. At this time, they are now suggesting he will not be able to fly for four to five weeks. So as a result of this he will get an enforced holiday down under!

Today John’s parents have driven him upcountry to the specialist who will operate on his thumb and make additional checks as the further tests have also shown some displacement of other bones in his hand.

He is staying positive, but is naturally very frustrated that his recovery will take some time. He will not only miss the last two races this year, just when his crew had really got the Peugeot performing at its best, but may now be excluded from end of season tests to prepare for next year.

John ask us to thank you all so much for your messages of support here and on Facebook – it means a huge amount to him!