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John’s Blog: Testing in Spain

Hi everyone,

Well it feels like the 2017 season has now really begun, following some great training over the last few weeks out here in Spain and now my first two days testing on the new bike at Valencia.

I’m really glad to be back on a bike with the target of the World Championship ahead of me once again.

I had a longer off-season than usual following my enforced break with the tumble in Australia. I had to be satisfied watching out the Malaysian and Valencia Grands Prix whilst convalescing in sunny Melbourne. On the positive side I’ve always enjoyed the country and the people, who always seem to have a great love for life. Having spent a few weeks there exploring and enjoying some great hospitality, it feels a bit like my second home now!

After returning to the UK I had to take it easy over the winter as I wasn’t allowed to start training again properly until part way through January in the new year.

Come January I was back to Spain and out on the motocross/Supermoto bike and doing some cycling to get back in shape. I joined Alberto Puig and the Asia Talent riders at a training camp for a few days for a hard push before getting back to Moto 3 again. We spent each morning on the bicycle doing some long rides with lots of climbs. Then it was motocross drills in the afternoons with some really different but fun techniques.

The new British Talent Team has come together quickly and we were all working really well together at our first test in Valencia last week. I feel at home with the new team already and this makes it very exciting going into the new season with them!

The weather wasn’t great in Valencia as it was quite cold and on the first day and there was a strong wind, which you often get at this circuit. I did over 50 laps each day, so we had some solid track time to get used to the new bike and used the time to really just get a feel for everything again. The new Honda felt really good from the moment I got on and by the end of the second day I was feeling very comfortable with all we had achieved and learnt.

I was also very happy with my own levels of fitness and after the two days on the bike I still felt strong, so I don’t think my fitness levels have dropped as much as I thought they might have.
To match the new bike I’ve also got some great new leathers from Macna, Who have looked after me very well.

So all in all I’m really looking forward to the next test in Jerez next week. Until then I’ve got a chance to do some more training here in Spain and really try to get back to full fitness.

Thanks for following how I’m doing and we’ll keep you up-to-date with how things go here on my website, on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram.

My best wishes to you all, and thanks as always for your fantastic support,

John’s Blog: Thanks to you all for your support this year


Hi everyone,

Now that the season has come to an end, I want to thank everyone, including my fans who helped and supported me on this roller coaster season.

Looking back over the year, I really have many people to thank and so much to be grateful for, starting with Enrico, and everyone at Peugeot for giving me the opportunity to be their factory rider. It was an honour to win my first GP on a Peugeot, giving them their first race win since 1906!

When Florian Prustel and his dad became the new team owners mid season, they really pulled the team together in all areas. It was a big step for them, but thankfully their passion for the team and sport led us to continue the rest of the season in an even stronger way than we started. Our sport needs people like them and I wish them the best.

I enjoyed working with everyone in the Prustel GP team. We all moved forward through the year and made some really strong results by the end of the season. My biggest thank you needs to go to my crew chief Mark Keen, for always giving me his best and getting the best from the bike. We both need to thank my mechanics, Alejandro and Diego, all the guys at Mahindra for their support, Alex and Ohlins, along with all the people at Dunlop.

Finishing the season stuck over here in Melbourne definitely wasn’t the way I had planned on ending my year but I’m on the mend and making progress daily. I’ve been back in the gym doing some light training and I’m eager to get back to full fitness. My second operation is scheduled for the 2nd of December.

I will be having the pins removed from my thumb and the next day my chest and lungs will be reviewed. If everything goes well, I will be flying home on the 5th of December. Although I’m stuck here, there is definitely worse places to be. Melbourne is a great city and I’ve been able to look around, which isn’t something I can usually do. I am very thankful for Victor (with me in the photo) and Jenny Soussan for looking after me while I’ve been here and making their home feel like mine.

Luckily, I’ve also had my family here at different times to visit me which has been great, considering they’ve had to travel across to the other side of the world.

I need to give a huge thank you to Peter Ball and all at Racing Steps Foundation and to my sponsors: Walker Macleod, Caladen, Vroom Media, Cairngorm stoves, PolePositionTravel, Ducati Glasgow, Scorpion, IXS, Knox and Alpinestars. Without your help and support, this season wouldn’t have been possible.

To all of you reading this, thank you for all the support and your messages. It really means a lot to me to know you’re all there for me. I’m looking forward to getting back in shape and seeing you all again in 2017. I will keep you up to date on how my training is going over winter once I’m back home.


John’s Blog: Looking back and ahead in the mid-season break


Hi everyone,

We’ve reached the halfway point of what’s been a very exciting but up and down start to the year! As you may already know, It’s the first year of Peugeot’s return back to MotoGP and what an exciting step back into the pinnacle of two wheel racing it’s been.

I’m very happy to be the rider who scored the first world championship point for Peugeot motorcycles with my 7th position in tricky conditions at the Argentina GP. I then backed this up adding another point to the table in Barcelona and a personal best result for me on the Peugeot in Sachsenring finished the first half of the season with a 6th position.

There’s been a lot of development in a very short time, thanks to the Racing Steps Foundation and the fact I’ve been working great with my crew chief Mark Keen. Mark’s developed my riding a lot, along with being a big influence on the new Peugeot/Mahindra gearbox that we got just before the summer break at the German GP. It’s been great having him on board with me and it’s shown in these last few races that we are doing the best we can to keep taking positive steps to get closer to the front.

The Peugeot MC Saxoprint team had also been taking very positive steps forward with it recently being taken over by Mr.Ingo Prustel. This has given the whole team a big boost and things are looking much more positive for the rest of the season.

I’ve been enjoying my summer break back home in Oban while training hard, cycling around the Scottish country side! I’ve been trying to stay on a bike as much as possible too, riding lots of Supermoto, motocross and trials. You can see lots of pictures/videos on my twitter/Instagram : johnmcp17 . I’m also doing a skydive next week so keep checking up for the video!

I can’t wait to get back out racing again and especially when we’re heading to an all new track. But, unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we will be testing at Austria Red Bull ring whilst many of other teams will be. This is a great pity as we could do with some practice and data as we haven’t raced here before. It’s going to make it a very tough race as track time is always short over the GP weekend and we’ll be starting from scratch.

However, I’m feeling extremely motivated to get going on the second half of the season and hope you can share some good moments with me before the end of the year.

As always, thanks for your support!


John’s Blog: Time to go racing!


Hi everyone,

Well pre-season testing is over and now it’s time to go racing! We completed two tests in Jerez and the final one here in Qatar on the new Peugeot Saxoprint bike. Over the eight days we were systematically working through a program to get to know more about the bike and the way it responds to changes.

We had a problem over the tests with the new chassis but with the help of Mahindra Racing we’ve now got a new chassis to start the first race weekend and hope this has moved things forward.

But we now have to find settings quickly that gets the most from it, so it’s a bit like starting over again.

It’s great once again to be working with Mark Keen who has a huge amount of experience. As an engineer he understands the way the suspension geometry should work theoretically, but also has the on track experience to understand it doesn’t always work that way!

We worked together for a few years in my early stages of racing and he’s taught me a lot in the past. I’d like to think that now I’m a little bit more mature that things will work well and I really appreciate his knowledge and the way he works to get the best out of me and the new Peugeot bike.

My two mechanics Alejandro and Diego are also really working hard and we are all getting on well together. Whilst we are all really focused on getting the best performance, we also have a laugh and enjoy what we’re doing. That’s important as we spend so much time together and, when the pressure is on, things could otherwise get a little stressed.

I’m looking forward to the new season and it’s always good when racing gets underway again. After all that’s why we’re all here and what really motivates us. I’m under no illusions that it’s going to be a very tough year, but we’re going to be pushing to get the most out of the new Peugeot bike and helping to develop it further.

I’ve set my own personal objectives of where I want to be and will be working hard to achieve it. I had a great winter break and spent a long time in Spain with some of the other British riders doing a lot of hard training together. I am definitely the fittest and most focussed that I’ve ever been at the start of a season and just hope that with Peugeot motorcycles and Saxoprint we can now turn this into some solid race results.

I’m sure there is going to be another season of some of the best and hardest racing you’ll see anywhere.
I hope you enjoy it!

As always, thanks for the support!

Photo: Gold & Goose photography

John’s Blog: Hi from Jerez


Hi Everyone,

I’ve arrived in Jerez and I’m really keen to get the season underway!

Although my first day of testing starts tomorrow, my 2016 season started back at the start of January! I’ve been based north of Spain for the last 6 weeks, sharing a house with Chaz Davies, Michael and Eugene Laverty. We’ve had a good laugh while training hard and I’ve been riding a bike almost every day! Whether it’s been motocross, supermoto, trials or getting some miles in on the bicycle. It’s given me the chance to fully focus on my training and to ride with some of the best riders there are!

The main reason for coming to Spain is for the weather, having only one rainy day since I arrived is definitely something I’m not used to!! It’s also my first time trying supermoto which has been mint! I’ve enjoyed chasing a lap time of my own with no stress or pressure and having some fun letting the rear tyre back into the corners and slide around with the extra power of a 450. We’ve also got a handful of really good motocross tracks on our doorstep with my first day in Spain being spent riding the MxGP track Bell Puig! Jumps were a little big to feel comfortable on without taking too much risk but still a really cool track to say I’ve ridden.

My only trip back to the UK was for a four day training camp with all the guys from Racing Steps Foundation. The camp was run by Eliot and his team at PHP and was a solid four days putting us through different sessions including gym/cycling/squash/yoga etc. It’s always good to catch up with the other RSF drivers and riders before we all get going with our seasons.

Arriving in Jerez after a really solid pre-season training block feels good. I’m ready to get the real work started and excited for the next couple of days ahead. The new Peugeot bike looks really promising and has to be one of the nicest looking Moto3s I’ve seen! This time tomorrow I should hopefully be smiling as Il know whether it performs as good as it looks but I’m definitely looking forward to getting out on track and having some fun!

Our next text will be next week for the Official IRTA tests, again in Jerez on the 2nd 3rd and 4th. Then it’s off to Qatar and all go from there!

As always, thanks for reading and thanks for your support.


John’s Blog: The Peugeot Moto3 launch at EIMCA


Hi everyone,

So I’ve just returned home after a visit to the EIMCA: Basically one of the largest motorcycle shows in the world, near the centre of Milan. What an amazing place! I think I could have spent a whole week there and still not managed to see everything.

We were there to launch the new 2016 Peugeot Moto3 that I will be riding! We also did some video interviews and a photo shoot which should be up online soon.

It was great to spend some time with Peugeot motorcycles and the Mahindra Racing guys. Loads of press turned out to hear Frédéric Fabre Managing Director of Peugeot speak about the project.

The passion and desire they have to win is very similar to myself and gives me great confidence looking ahead to the 2016 season!

Alexis and I then had the privilege of taking off the cover from the new Peugeot race bike.

The new Peugeot Moto3 bike looks great and is actually very similar colours to my old 125 from back in 2010 when I won four Scottish/English championships in the one year.

Mahindra Racing are now working on developing the new 2016 package and we’ll get to test it in February for the first time and put it through its paces. I’m excited to see just how strong we can be!!


Great Brno travel packages by Pole Position


Hi everyone,

This is a bit of a different one-off blog, especially to make you aware of some great travel, hospitality and accommodation packages for Brno from Pole Position Travel – a company which helps look after a lot of my travel and hotel arrangements, and is a well known name with fans and around the paddock.

They currently have some great packages, hotels and tours available for the Brno race weekend.
It’s an excellent opportunity to get a good deal on a trip to this year’s race – Brno is a fantastic and popular race with a great atmosphere and not to be missed!

Go and check out to see all the packages, and also to see the special events, parties and excursions that Pole Position do at Brno.

I’ll write another blog very soon to let you know about how things are going and what I’ve been up to, but for now I hope you may find some useful GP travel deals there if you’re up for a trip to Brno this year!

Thanks as always for your support, Guestbook comments, and your Facebook and Twitter posts: it means a lot 🙂


John’s Blog: Big thanks to OSET Bikes

This must be one of the coolest bikes I’ve ever ridden!!

I owe a big thanks to the guys from OSET for lending me one as a paddock bike for the season.

As a rider, you spend an awful lot of time on a race weekend not only on-track but also off-track in the paddock – a good paddock bike is essential for getting you from the box to the hospitality to meetings and briefings and back to the box – you cover quite a distance, believe me!

And so it’s really great to have an excellent bike to get you around. Make sure to keep an eye out for it and take a look, if you’re in and around the MotoGP paddock

It’s also pretty much the ideal bike for kids to learn on with adjustable power, speed and response! Have a look at their site for all different sizes too!

Thanks guys!

You can check out their website here.