John’s Blog: A tough FP3

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Hi everyone,

Free practice 3 was quite a tough session for me. The wind had picked up a lot and the track was very dirty from a sand storm last night! This caused it to be very slippery and quite tricky to push as hard as you needed to. The lap times were on average around 2 seconds slower most of the session compared to yesterday just with the track conditions.

I started to find my rhythm after a few laps and then unfortunately had a small crash when diving up the inside of another rider. The bike and I were both fine but it wasted a good part of the 40 minute session!

When I got back out on track I got 4 good laps in and the bike was feeling good. I finished up 14th overall but I’m confident that with some more laps and stringing a proper lap together we should be able to go quite a bit quicker.

Qualifying is tomorrow at 6pm (UK 4pm).

Hope to have you all watching 🙂