John takes ADAC helicopter flight over the Sachsenring

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As the German GP at the Sachsenring was the home race for John’s team, he had plenty of off-track activities booked in. One of the most interesting of these was a helicopter flight over the circuit.

The trip was was arranged by the team doctor who also works for the circuit at ADAC, and enabled Dirk Heidorf (Team Manager), teammate Jack Miller, and John to see a very different view of the Sachsenring as they all went up for a fly around.

“I was really impressed when we first went up!” said John, “I’d been in a helicopter before but this guy had been flying for 30 years so had lots of experience and I think he was trying to scare us!
Jack and Dirk also looked amazed at the lean-angle we had and how quick the change of direction was!”

The aerial perspective also gave John a very different view on what goes on around the enclosed hustle and bustle of the pits and paddock, and what it takes to put on a MotoGP event.

“From above, I couldn’t believe how busy the place was.” he said. “Every car park was jam packed, every campsite, every grandstand! It’s by far the most spectators I’ve ever seen.
The preparation and organisation that goes into these events must be incredible!”

The flight was one John clearly enjoyed and which has given him interest to explore more airborne activities.
“It was a great experience so a big thank you to ADAC for organising it!
Flying is definitely something I’d love to try myself in the future.”

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