Frustrating Indy qualifying for John

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Unfortunately Saturday’s qualifying did not go quite to plan for Racing Team Germany rider John McPhee. He and the team could not find the extra little bit that they’d been looking for and he couldn’t improve compared to Friday’s performance.

For today’s race he therefore had to settle for a starting position far down the grid, on position 30. During the race he will have to try and chase down as many riders in front of him as possible, and will hopefully be able to finish the race higher up the ranking.

#17 John McPhee – 30th place – 1.50.289
Today was a bad day for me. The bike worked well and I felt confident. I thought I could have a good qualifying session. But I just couldn’t find the right grip. Therefore I couldn’t get a fast enough lap in. The bike’s setup was good, I made the mistakes unfortunately. I’m not happy at all with the result. It’s very disappointing for myself and the team. I hope the race will be better and that I can get a good result.