John struggles with technical problems on first day of Malaysian GP

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Unfortunately, despite a lot of hard work and effort, John McPhee’s weekend didn’t get off to a good start as technical problems hindered his performance.

He had to accept a 30th place which doesn’t reflect what he’s capable of. The main issue was a setup problem with the bike and especially the rear brake caused the mechanical team around Norman Rank a big headache.

John had to spend a lot of time in the box and therefore lost a lot of track time. A new engine has been fitted for tomorrow which should help to improve things a bit.

John McPhee
Today wasn’t a good day. In the morning we had problems with the rear brake. The same issue was still plaguing us in the 2nd session. Each time I went on the gas, it felt really weird, almost as if the engine kept cutting out again and again. Overall I’m not very happy. We have a lot of work to do and tomorrow we have to improve things.

Source: Racing Team Germany