John McPhee looks to Saturday improvements to nail setup for Catalunya race

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The limited performance of both SAXOPRINT RTG riders today in the first practice sessions for the Catalunya GP was most likely due to the new parts that Honda had delivered.

Even though it’s difficult to get the setup right with them at the beginning, on Sunday they should help with the bikes’ pace during the race.

John McPhee narrowly missed the top ten with his thirteenth place, whilst teammate Efren Vazquez finished up ninth overall.

Both riders and the team are confident to adjust the setup of the bikes this evening to enable them to ride at the top of the group tomorrow.

John McPhee
“Today was not bad, an average day. The position is not great, but the laptime is not far off. Lap by lap it is getting faster and I get more confident. I think we don´t need to worry. Tomorrow during qualifying we can certainly improve. We just need some small improvements on the bike and also my riding.”

Source: RTG