John McPhee racing with new team branding for RTG’s home GP at Sachsenring

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Next stop for the MotoGP circus will be the Sachsenring circuit in Germany. In time for the action on track, Team SAXOPRINT RTG will present a new team branding. The bikes with their innovative looks will be unveiled on Thursday.

As usual, the area around Hohenstein-Ernstthal will be buzzing with motorcycle fans of all ages, and already last weekend the first enthusiast made themselves at home in the camping areas around the Ankerberg which overlooks the circuit.
A crowd of 200,000 is expected over the weekend.

The circuit is also very popular with the MotoGP riders of all classes; it’s a lot of fun to ride but technically demanding and difficult to learn. The track is 3.7 KM long and contains 14 corners.

John is extra motivated for team SAXOPRINT RTG’s home race and wants to thank the team and sponsors by achieving good results.

John McPhee
“I’m looking forward to the team’s home Grand Prix. I like the Sachsenring track and the atmosphere provided by all the fans is always incredible and makes it a really fun event. I hope I can continue improving our race performance and climb higher up the championship standings with this race. It’s important for me to get a good result for all our local sponsors, the team and our fans.”

Source: RTG