Solid start for John McPhee in Sepang

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The team and the riders of SAXOPRINT Racing Team Germany are very satisfied with the results of the first day of practice in Sepang.

John McPhee was satisfied with 12th position in FP1 because of his health condition. He had suffered a cold through the ever changing climates of the past few weeks.

Also his shoulder injury is still not completely healed. However, in the second session he already felt much better.

10th for John is the result of the first practice day in the hot Sepang – and once again, both the team’s riders are in Top 10. Fingers crossed for qualifying tomorrow.

John McPhee
“Today I am happy. We had two good sessions. The bike is good and I feel very confident. For tomorrow we continue in the same direction and we try to keep improving. I feel a little bit sick and so the first session was a little bit difficult. But the second one was OK. My shoulder still is not perfect, but it is getting better.”

Source: RTG