John’s Blog: On to Argentina

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Hi everyone,

When there’s one race straight after another there’s very time to stop and relax really.

But, as well as the travelling we have had a few days off now between Texas and arriving here in Argentina.

We went to a shooting range in Austin which was really cool! All the team together, spent a few hours there and it was nice to do something as a team but for a change being away from the track!

We arrived in Argentina on Tuesday and have been training in a local gym and also spent some time looking around Tucuman.

The team are staying in Tucuman but with it being around a two and a half hour, round trip every day I really wasn’t looking forward to the journey!

Neil Hodgson very kindly offered me to stay at his hotel which was a massive relief… Only a ten minute journey from the track beats staying that far away any day!

I arrived at the hotel room tonight to find Neil and Sam Lowes inside doing push ups! And I’m not joking…. Because Neil had an interview with Sam just minutes later, outside in the jacuzzi!

Tonight we went out for dinner, Sam, Neil myself and Eugene Laverty! It was great to spend some time with other Brits from the paddock and to see how different we all are. I think Sam maybe drinks too much caffeine and Eugene was a really laid back guy 🙂

All great fun on the build up to what I’m hoping will be a good weekend. I really like the track and feel like the bike should work well here! So now we shall see how practice goes in the morning.

Thanks for your support as always,