Eleventh place on Catalunya grid for John McPhee

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Today’s qualifying for the Catalan GP showed once again that there is still some performance missing since the first race showings in the early season for both of the SAXOPRINT RTG riders.

Qualifying only really came good for John McPhee towards the end, and he was able to secure 11th spot on the grid for tomorrow’s race.

John is hoping to find further improvements in the bike before then so that he is able to ride more consistently and confidently in the race itself, and to be able to find better grip.

John McPhee: P11 (+1380):
“It was a difficult qualifying practice. I did not manage to do a good time during the whole session. I always something trying to push but I struggled with the grip. In the last lap I tried to be very fast, but there were always many riders ahead. I am a little bit lucky That I did one lap and was able to grab 11th position. For tomorrow we have to find something to improve the laptime and ride more consistant in the race.”